Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Step by step painting process

Step 1 On a 28"x38" linen canvas I've put down the drawing for the painting. The drawing was done in a grey pastel pencil.

Step 2 Here I've gone over the drawing with Veronese green thinned out with turpentine. Its now ready to start the underpainting in a grey tone.

step 3 This is the completed underpainting. It is done in thinned out oil paint consisting of cobalt green and cadmium red.

Step 4 Here I've started to put some color in. The background is still just underpainting.

Step 5 In this step the background has been laid in and everywhere the paint has started to be built up.

step 6 More color has been added in certain areas in this step.

step 7 Here all the final drawing corrections have been made along with the deepest darks and the final color notes. "Yolanda and Mineh", 2007